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Introducing Dreamville: Recurring Giving Program!

Back in January, we launched our Dreamville Recurring Giving program where our supporters can join our community of monthly donors working to end the generational cycle of poverty in our city’s most challenged neighborhoods. As a donor, this program will bring you through the dreams of our youth and will give you an exclusive sneak peak into the incredible impact your gift will have on our community.

Impact of your dollars:

Why give monthly?

  • It's a community: Joining Dreamville allows you to be a part of a dedicated group of supporters who are committed to the mission of providing mentorship and development for our youth.

  • It's affordable: By giving monthly, you decide the best amount of investment that fits your comfortability. Instead of giving one large lump sum, you can now invest in smaller increments throughout the year.

  • No hassle: With the set-it and forget-it method, you don't have to worry about revisiting our page every time you want to make a donation. All you have to do is sign up once then sit back, relax, and watch your gift make an incredible impact on our community!

  • It's sustained support: Monthly gifts allow us to have a steady stream of support to provide our youth with the necessary tools they need to succeed in our year-round programs.

It’s about impact, goodness, and community

These aren’t passive monthly donations. We want the Dreamville community to feel connected, invested, and eager to share. We can't wait to share the dream together!

Join Dreamville today!

Not ready to invest monthly? Make a one-time donation to help fund future field trips!

Find more ways to get involved here!

Any questions? Please email

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