Blue Shield Workday

April 15, 2016

On April 12th 50 members from Blue Shield come over to the center and helped clean up the landscape and helped paint some tables. Our land was in serious need of some intense weed eating. […]


Tri-Fushion Yoga

April 15, 2016

Walls are not for walking. Except at Tri-Fushion were yoga is not limited to the floor. The kids loved it!!!  


Slide Ranch

April 07, 2016

Hey Goat!! Saturday we traveled to Marin county and hung out on the coast with some goats and great folks. A quick hour long drive through some of the prettiest parts of the city to […]


Sugar Bowl ski trip 2016

April 01, 2016

“Is that real snow?”      “Yes! Yes it is!” Over Easter weekend 14 of us set out going north to find snow and fun. We found it at Sugar Bowl ski resort near Truckee […]

Garden Hop!

March 22, 2016

We utilized the sun this weekend and bounced around to a few gardens in the Bayview area. The lesson for this weekend event was integrity. Our youth took the responsibility to update and care for this […]


COD made the news!!

March 02, 2016

A t the turn of the new year City of Dreams made it to the airways. Here is the link to the article and audio clip from KQED. Teens in San Francisco’s Bayview Find Haven […]

Jimi Shaughnessy

February 04, 2016

Jimi is a fellow with The Mission Continues serving at City of Dreams. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Hunter College in New York City. Previous to his undergraduate studies Jimi enlisted in […]


Producing fresh produce, honey harvesting, and chicken tendering… There’s a lot of hard work and care that goes into providing healthy food to our community. Do you want to help the Oakdale Community Center and Farm […]

Gratitude Workshop12_14

Workshop: Goals and Grades

February 05, 2014

Goals and Grades Workshop Lesson: Integrity During this workshop our youth will be learning about integrity by reviewing the goals that they have set for themselves and learn some new strategies and behaviors that will […]

marine mammal center

Marine Mammal Center Lesson: Resilience During this Super Saturday field trip, our youth will be participating in an interactive tour of this site for the rehabilitation of our marine mammals who have undergone severe trauma, […]