Slide Ranch

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Hey Goat!!

Saturday we traveled to Marin county and hung out on the coast with some goats and great folks. A quick hour long drive through some of the prettiest parts of the city to the Mt. Tamblin National Forest to visit our friends at Slide Ranch. We first got put into two groups, animals and vegetables, then we got to choose a nickname, then came the goats!!

Some quick instruction about the days lesson which was stewardship and what it means and how we are involved. How all life is a cycle and we are just a stopping point on this cycle. We set off to meet the lovely chickens, who were so nice to us we got to feed them and see how humans care for them through feed, water and shelter.

Next the goats and sheep. The goats were great, and still are, they let us right into there pen, we made them burritos with a large leaf and some grass, sticks and pine needles. So much poop! we all stepped in it and surprisingly got to see a goat poop in real time (psst.. it’s small little nuggets). The baby goats wanted are attention so much but there was no need to fight for it, they are so soft and playful. The farmers at slide ranch have to cauterize┬áthe horns off of the baby males. They do this so the goats won’t impale visitors later in life.

After our romp in the goat pen we went to the garden and picked some herbs and leafy greens to put in our frittata for lunch. Our guide Brian little bear got some eggs form the chicken coop, we cracked them stirred them put it in the pan and sent it to the oven. Once it was done we sat atop the worm compost bin/bench and enjoyed our harvest. It was such a lovely day. The ride back down the long and winding road was even enjoyable.

Thanks to our mentors that came out to help us and drive us to the Slide Ranch. Spacial thanks to Celeste and Brian for being so awesome to us and showing us the importance of caring for nature and the nourishment we get out of being responsible stewards.IMG_1204 IMG_1214 IMG_1265 IMG_1267 IMG_1298slide ranch sign