Dreamer in the Spotlight

Laura and Dominique

“I discovered City of Dreams two years ago while volunteering at the center with a different group and realized quickly I wanted to be more involved. The following week I signed up to be a mentor and for the next year participated in as many Super Saturdays as I could. During that first year I spent time with many of the kids involved in CoD, but developed a special connection with Dominique, and about a year into my involvement with the organization I officially became her mentor. During the past year together, we have explored Golden Gate Park by paddle boat, soared high over the bay at Great America, bowled too many games to count and enjoyed many CoD Super Saturdays where we have camped, hiked, bounced, climbed and most importantly, really gotten to know each other. 
My time with CoD and Dominique has been a lot of things – fun, rewarding, tough at times, exciting, valuable, fulfilling – the list goes on and on. I am so proud of the work CoD does and it’s mission to truly help kids become the best that they can be. I look forward to continuing my work with Mike, CoD and Dominique.” – Laura