Jimi Shaughnessy

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Jimi is a fellow with The Mission Continues serving at City of Dreams. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Hunter College in New York City. Previous to his undergraduate studies Jimi enlisted in the Marine Corps for a total of seven years traveling the world, serving as an Embassy Security Guard. Jimi made his way west with his girlfriend, dog and cat to explore the forests of Oregon as a wildland firefighter. Jimi spent a season teaching and leading high school aged kids wilderness trail building and environmental stewardship. California is another chapter for Jimi, and City of Dreams will give him plenty of quality material to reflect on.

What is The Mission Continues? The Mission Continues empowers veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. Veterans redeploy on new missions in their communities, so that their actions will inspire future generations to serve. Veterans choose a non-profit to serve with and devote 20 hours a week for 6 months. Through this unique model, veterans build new skills and networks that help them successfully reintegrate to life after the military while making long-term, sustainable transformations in communities and inspiring future generations to serve.